Thursday, February 17, 2011

Served.. with Poisson

Dare to Wear?

Favorite Spring 2011 Couture Collections

Shimmer, Metallic, Gem stone colors, futuristic, exotic, that's what we saw on Armani Prive's Runway this couture season, The collection was Amazing! my favorite part was the metallic saucer hats which gave the collection a sci-fi kinda feel to it, like the collection came from another planet, that's what Armani 'wow'ed me with this season! you can still see Armani in them, but a different, edgier one.

Givenchy was also a favorite, Riccardo Tisci did no wrong with this collection, every piece was spectacular, his muse was Japan. Not the land of obis and geishas, he said, but the Japan of robot toys. He was also inspired by the dancer Kazuo Ohno. the dead man became a sort of muse for the designer. And this was the result. 
 According to One outfit required 2,000 hours of cutting and 4,000 hours of sewing. A single pair of trousers had 90 meters of plissé. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Attack!

Salam everyone! 
I was feeling a bit artistic today, when an image of a face made from accessories popped in my head! like the ones I did only better somehow hehe! 

Try it it's fun!